5 Reasons to Use Staylist’s Cloud Based Management System.

Secure, seamless booking experiences for campground and site owners as well as guests

5 Reasons to Use Staylist’s Cloud Based Management System.

5 Reasons to Use Staylist’s Cloud Based Management System.

Things Listers Love

Our cloud based management system facilitates secure, seamless booking experiences for campground and site owners as well as guests. Here are five things listers love about it.

1. Ease of use

Staylist’s cloud-based management system simplifies the booking experience for both site-listers and guests. The seamless, dynamic pricing feature automatically adjusts rates according to the parameters the host selected when they set up the account with a Staylist professional. The system allows users to run reports to populate revenue, expenses and taxes so you can better assess your financial plan. 

The cloud-based system allows guests to manage their trips online, without needing to install an app, which helps save storage on their devices. Convenient, instant functions allowing them to check-in on arrival, pay their balance, add days to their stay, and request firewood with the click of a button, facilitates smooth communication and a pleasant experience for you and your guests.

2. Cloud refresh memory

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to carefully map out and upload your reservations, only to suffer a WiFi outage and lose all of your hard work. Cloud refresh memory continuously saves and stores your preferences and progress, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally double-booking or having to rush through reservations. If you lose internet access, simply log into Staylist on a mobile device and you’ll find your bookings have automatically been saved and stored.

The cloud benefits consumers, too, by providing the same automatic back-up for their preferences and selections, so they don’t have to sift and scroll through thousands of options and restart their journey. The restorative cloud saves listers and users time and reduces cart abandonment. Less reservation complications mean more positive relationships between the guests, site owners, and software and a better overall experience.

3. Fast speeds

Never miss a potential booking. Filling your reservations is our priority, so our system rapidly sets you up to go live in just 14 to 30 days. Property size, features, requirements and requested add-ons factor into your activation speed. 

Quick refresh speeds help introduce guests to your listings instantly, reduce cart abandonment and prevent double-booking, which other sites experience during lag. Travelers can stay up to date on all of their future destination options and make next-day credit card payments, so you don’t have to wait to see profits. 

4. Superior bandwidth

The large bandwidth of the cloud allows multiple owners to use the website simultaneously, making Staylist the only reservation site with this capability. Unlimited users can visit the site at the same time without having to deal with interference or buffering. This breadth of broadband optimizes booking potential, software use and reach to benefit listers and site owners through a seamless virtual experience.

5. Database capabilities

The powerful database powers terminals, receipt printing, integrated POS systems, barcode reading capabilities and more. The system’s integrated POS allows listers to keep tabs on stock, scan barcodes, organize products and generate orders. We work with alternative software programs to sync inventory in real-time, so you can keep using your existing reservation software or make the switch to Staylist Pro. 

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