7 Staylist Features Built to Boost Your Revenue.

How to earn more money while doing less

7 Staylist Features Built to Boost Your Revenue.

These 7 Features Will Boost Your Revenue Instantly.

Easiest Ways to Increase Revenue

If you’ve invested significant time and hard work into managing your campground but are not seeing it reflected back in revenue, then this guide is for you. Here are seven of the easiest ways to increase revenue that require no effort on your end. Take a look at some of Staylist’s easy-to-use revenue boosting features.

1. Quick quotes

No one wants to go through the hassle of researching endless listings, only to learn their dream campsite is outside of their budget. Quick quotes save guests time and stress, by offering price estimates for reservations available during the dates they’re interested in booking. 

2. Lock features

Customers don’t want to jump through hoops. If your reservation site drags out the booking process, guests are more tempted to leave the site and use a competitor’s instead. Staylist’s lock feature keeps prospective customers on your page, preventing them from being shown competing listings and reducing cart abandonment. Seamless check outs lead to more first-time and returning guests.

3. Dynamic Pricing

Our dynamic pricing tools automatically adjust rates based on demand. Real-time analytics and data monitor demand for all of your units, so you can optimize your best listings and fill the rest by offering more attractive rates.

4. Satisfied guests

Vacationing should be convenient. Staylist offers endless features to ease guests’ reservation experience, like 2-way SMS communication. This allows guests to reach out to campground owners with any questions they have about their stay or order requests, and allows hosts to check in with their guests to fulfill orders and ensure they’re enjoying their visit.

5. Cloud-based Audience and Reservation Data

Staylist’s cloud-based memory automatically saves audience and reservation data, so you don’t have to. With instant access to reservation history, you can recommend campsites to returning guests and notify them when units are available or pricing is low. Robust real-time reporting helps you stay on top of guest preferences, cancellation reports, and check-in history.

6. Orphan Nights

Empty nights in-between reservations are natural, but what if there was a way to fill them? Our orphan night feature notifies guests of availability for dates immediately before or after their reservation, offering discounted rates which compel them to fill empty dates.

7. Staylist is Free for Hosts

Last but not least, the software is FREE for campground owners. Staylist was designed by reservationists, to facilitate successful reservation management. Hosts can enjoy the innovative technology without having to pay for it. How? Let us explain our innovative pricing model in person or over the phone.

Earn More Money While Doing Less

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