Experience the ROI Potential with Our Staylist Pro v3 Demo

Staylist Pro is your all-in-one solution that can revolutionize your operations and drive revenue growth

Experience the ROI Potential with Our Staylist Pro v3 Demo

As a campground owner, you understand the challenges of managing reservations, inventory, and guest communications. However, there’s an all-in-one solution that can revolutionize your operations and drive revenue growth: Staylist Pro. Our comprehensive reservation software, property management system for campgrounds, and online campground booking system are designed to streamline your processes and enhance your bottom line. Let’s explore how Staylist Pro’s features can transform your campground management experience.

Communication & SMS: Connect Seamlessly with Guests

Staylist Pro introduces powerful communication tools, including two-way SMS communication and contactless check-in. Engage with your guests effortlessly, confirm reservations, and provide important updates with just a few clicks. This seamless communication streamlines your operations and enhances guest satisfaction, paving the way for increased revenue and positive reviews.

New POS Features: Simplify Inventory and Sales Management

Staylist Pro’s new POS features take your campground management to the next level. Track and organize inventory effortlessly, generate purchase orders for vendors, and attach items directly to reservations for smooth transaction processing. With a Kitchen Display System and time-tracking functionality, you can ensure efficient operations and excellent service.

Online Menus for Ordering Convenience

Staylist Pro enables you to create online menus, allowing guests to browse and order meals or other items from the comfort of their own devices. Whether they’re ordering food for pickup or requesting delivery, our integrated SMS system ensures a seamless and convenient guest experience. This feature not only increases guest satisfaction but also boosts revenue by expanding your offerings beyond accommodations.

Reporting & Analytics: Make Informed Decision

Staylist Pro’s robust reporting and analytics capabilities provide invaluable insights into your campground’s performance. Daily summary reports, balance reports, occupancy calendars, and electric meter reporting with API syncing connections empower you to optimize pricing strategies, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue. Utilize unit usage reports, departure reports, and cancellation reports to refine your business strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

RFID Wristbands and Guest Portal: Enhance Guest Experience

Staylist Pro offers RFID wristbands for seamless access and identification, ensuring a memorable and convenient stay for your guests. Moreover, our guest portal facilitates easy and secure payment processing, allowing guests to manage their reservations and payments effortlessly, whether it’s for seasonal, monthly, weekly, or daily stays. This user-friendly portal enhances guest satisfaction and encourages repeat visits.

Elevate Your Campground’s Potential with Staylist Pro

Staylist Pro is the ultimate campground management software, providing you with a comprehensive property management system that integrates seamlessly with your operations. From streamlined communication and efficient inventory management to online ordering, reporting and analytics, and enhanced guest experiences, Staylist Pro empowers campground owners like you to drive revenue, boost productivity, and maximize your campground’s potential.

Request a demo of Staylist Pro today and discover how our innovative features can transform your campground into a thriving, revenue-generating destination. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your campground to new heights!

To book a demo, visit staylist.com or contact our sales team.

Note: Staylist Pro is also compatible with RV park management software requirements, catering to all types of outdoor accommodation providers.

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