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Why Staylist?

Enhance Efficiency and Boost Profits

Welcome to Staylist, where your luxury RV park management meets unparalleled efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Transform your operations with solutions designed for high-end RV resorts

Our fully integrated POS system syncs guest details and payments with on-site amenities, ensuring seamless management. Offer your guests the convenience of mobile ordering for pickups or deliveries, and streamline your kitchen operations with an interactive display system that eliminates paper orders. Plus, our specialized inventory tracking simplifies management of your camp store and kitchen supplies, so you can focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Maximize Profits

Unlock the full potential of your revenue. Our Grid Optimizer automatically maximizes booking availability, while the efficient booking process, featuring a one-screen reservations view and two-way drag and drop grid, ensures swift and simplified management. Reduce vacancies effortlessly by auto-offering discounts for orphan nights, turning every opportunity into profit.

Attract Discerning Guests

Enhance your guests’ experience with frictionless payments, offering RFID wristbands, “add it to my tab” options, and automatic subscriptions for long-term stays. Simplify online bookings with E-Signatures, auto-sending check-in emails, and secure card storage. Centralize all communications with automated check-in/out emails, two-way and group texting, and engage guests with customized email campaigns to boost loyalty and return visits.

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A Streamlined Solution for Your Park

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Designed to meet the needs of your high-end RV resort

Optimize Your Investment

Maximize revenue, simplify management, and make data-driven decisions with our integrated platform.

    • Maximize Revenue: Real-time insights and analytics to enhance profitability.
    • Simplify Management: Comprehensive financial management and reporting tools.
    • Data-Driven Decisions: Make strategic business decisions with robust data analytics.
  • Empowering Owners:
    • Integrated POS System: Fully synced guest details and payment information.
    • Grid Optimizer: Automatically condense reservations to increase booking capacity.
    • Automated Reporting: Customizable dashboards and automated financial reports.

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  • “Since implementing Staylist, our revenue and occupancy rates have significantly increased.” – Jane Smith, RV Park Owner

 Streamline Operations

 Enhance efficiency, oversee operations, and boost productivity with our comprehensive tools.

    • Efficient Guest Management: Handle check-ins, reservations, and guest communication seamlessly.
    • Operational Excellence: Oversee maintenance requests and staff communication efficiently.
    • Boost Productivity: Automated workflows to enhance overall productivity.
  • Empowering General Managers:
    • Centralized Operations Platform: One-stop solution for managing all operations.
    • Two-Way Drag & Drop Grid: Simplify booking management with intuitive tools.
    • Real-Time Notifications: Stay updated with instant alerts and notifications.

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  • “Staylist has revolutionized our daily operations, making everything more efficient.” – Tom Brown, General Manager

Enhance Guest Experiences

Simplify check-ins and reservations while delivering personalized guest service with our intuitive interface.

    • Seamless Check-In/Out: Simplify the check-in and check-out process for guests.
    • Effortless Reservations: Manage reservations and guest communications easily.
    • Personalized Service: Access guest preferences for tailored service
  • Empowering Front Desk:
    • Intuitive Interface: Quick access to essential guest information.
    • Two-Way Texting: Maintain direct communication with guests.
    • Comprehensive Guest Profiles: Detailed profiles for personalized guest service.

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  • “Staylist has made our front desk operations smoother and more guest-friendly.” – Sarah Lee, Front Desk Manager

 Streamline Kitchen Communication

Efficiently manage inventory, update menus in real-time, and enhance coordination with front-of-house staff

      • Streamline Menu Changes: Optimize menu changes with real-time easy to update menus.
      • Track Inventory: Efficiently manage kitchen inventory and supplies.
      • Coordinate with Front Desk: Seamless communication for special guest requests.
    • Empowering Kitchen Staff:
      • Interactive Order Queue: Online kitchen display system for efficient order management.
      • Automated Supply Ordering: Simplify inventory tracking and ordering.
      • Real-Time Guest Updates: Stay updated on guest needs instantly.

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  • “With Staylist, our kitchen operations are more organized and efficient.” – Mike Johnson, BOH Manager

 Elevate Cleanliness Standards

 Track tasks, automate processes, and manage maintenance efficiently to ensure top-notch service.

      • Track Housekeeping Needs: Monitor and manage housekeeping tasks across the resort.
      • Automated Task List: Streamline check-in and check-out processes with automated notifications on what needs to be cleaned and when cleaning is complete.
      • Manage Maintenance Requests: Efficiently schedule and track maintenance tasks.
    • Empowering Housekeeping:
      • Housekeeping Module: Direct linking of housekeeping needs to reservations.
      • Maintenance Module: Optimize workflow with detailed maintenance tracking.
      • Storage Module: Manage and track unit movements for on-site storage.

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  • “Staylist has streamlined our housekeeping tasks, improving our service quality.” – Emily Davis, Housekeeping Superviso

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