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Staylist’s History

The Dawn of Staylist

Launched in 2015, the innovative reservation management software began business with headquarters in Knoxville, TN, outside of the most-visited national park in the United States. Staylist has offered simplified solutions to every type of lodging industry from RV parks and campsites, to glampsites, tiny homes, cabins, and vacation rentals. The cloud-based platform was designed by reservationists for reservationists, with first-hand insight into what it takes to optimize business in the hospitality and tourism space. Since its early days, Staylist has provided unique tools to help businesses efficiently manage their units, rates, guests, user permissions and more. 

Where We Are Now

Two years post-launch, the company doubled its offerings with the addition of automated subscriptions, interactive maps, a detailed management dashboard, and dedicated intuitive user experience. The new features catered to the needs of a more diverse property-scape, helping maintain and acquire business for campsites of all scales. Staylist is now used in over 30 states and Canada, and has assisted with more than 500,000 reservations. A Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant software, the platform protects all of its users – both business owners and guests – from exposing sensitive data like their credit card information. The system sufficiently accommodates businesses of all sizes, from independent rental spaces to enterprise companies with hundreds of properties, offering the complete availability of all government camping facilities, including the National Parks Service. In 2022, the brand has completely refreshed its look, website, software and payment processing, continuing to offer the latest in reservation management technology.

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