Staylist’s cloud-based availability grid makes up-to-the-second updates. Online and on-site booking statuses immediately update in the dashboard – eliminating the need to manually refresh your page to see changes. Thus, minimizes the chances of double booking an already reserved unit since you and your customers always see the most up-to-date availability information.

Unlimited users can use the Staylist software simultaneously.

Because Staylist is a cloud-based program, guests can still book without relying on your internet uptime. If the park loses WiFi, simply pull out your cellphone with a data plan, open a browser, sign in and enjoy business as usual. Your online reservations are stored in the Cloud so they will still be live regardless of the WiFi connectivity at your site.

If you have an existing database or functioning CRM, but you’re ready to move on to something better, we can help you make the switch without losing your data. Staylist offers a capture, format and convert option for your current and previous data. Let us know what kind of existing reservation software, POS and CRM you use and we will make the magic happen!

Depending on the size of your site and the features, requirements and add-ons you request, Staylist will be ready to go in 14 to 30 business days – we’ve had some accounts up in as little as 10!

Payment for account setup is due 30 days from when you receive your invoice. There are no subscription fees.

Of course! Simply contact your Staylist consultant. Once complete, your account will be upgraded within 24 hours or less.

While we work on your setup, you can send us documents on policies, rates, promos, events, unit categories, seasonal terms, pet policies and more! We’ll set this up for you, and you’ll learn how to make changes during your training. You can edit anything yourself!

You have complete control over your rates! The system allows you to load an unlimited amount of rates into the calendar. Within this calendar, you can change your rates weekly or monthly and rack rates.

Staylist is one of the most flexible frameworks for campground logic. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Staylist does not connect to accounting software, but you can use our software to run reports to help populate revenue, expenses and taxes.

Yes, we provide it all. Let us know if you need a custom quote for Terminals, Receipt Printers, Stripe POS Systems and more!

Your customers are billed a small fee for our services.

Yes, Staylist is truly free of subscription fees for reservation site managers. We only charge for set up services and hardware tools.

You’ll receive an invoice for services or hardware in your account inbox and be given 30 days to pay it.

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