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What do you mean by "real-time"?

The definition of real time is something happening now or something that is being broadcast over the exact number of minutes, seconds or hours the event is taking. An example of real time is when journalists show live footage from an accident scene. Relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback, e.g., in a missile guidance or airline booking system.

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How many users can be using the software at once?

Unlimited users can use the Staylist software simultaneously.

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What if I lose my Internet connection?

Because Staylist is a cloud-based program, guests can still book without relying on your internet uptime. If the park loses WiFi, simply pull out your cellphone with a data plan, open a browser, sign in, and enjoy business as usual. Your online reservations are stored in the Cloud so they will still be live regardless of the WiFi connectivity at your site.

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